Are Your Patients With Moderate-to-Severe UC Getting the Relief That They Need?

If you have patients who have uncontrolled symptoms or are looking for treatment options, it may be time for a change. With rapid and sustained remission shown in clinical trials,a ZEPOSIA is the only oral advanced therapyb that can be used before biologics in moderate-to-severe UC patients.1-3 As you review these profiles, consider the patients you have in your practice.

Meet Leah Icon Meet Leah Icon

Meet LeahNot an actual patient.

Age: 35 Time since diagnosis: 6 months
  • Balances career and family life, managing disease with diet and medication
  • Current Medications: 5-ASAs, one course of corticosteroids, oral contraceptive
  • Concerned about safety risks associated with medications
Meet Jorge Icon Meet Jorge Icon

Meet JorgeNot an actual patient.

Age: 54 Time since diagnosis: 25 years
  • Struggled with UC for decades, initially finding relief with a biologic
  • Current Medications: 5-ASAs, corticosteroids to control flares, previously discontinued TNFi due to loss of response
  • Concerned about worsening symptoms; looking for another treatment option to fit busy work schedule

Understand the Study Design

  • aSignificantly higher clinical remission rates vs placebo in the pivotal trial: 18% (79/429) vs 6% (13/216) at Week 10 (p<0.0001) and 37% (85/230) vs 19% (42/227) at Week 52 (p<0.0001).1
  • bAdvanced therapies include S1P, biologics, and JAKi.

5-ASAs=5 aminosalicylic acids; JAKi=Janus kinase inhibitor; S1P=sphingosine 1-phosphate; TNFi=tumor necrosis factor inhibitor; UC=ulcerative colitis.

Video Section

Watch: Doctors discuss the UC treatment journey with their patients

The doctors were compensated for their time. These are actual ZEPOSIA patients and have been
compensated for their time. Individual results may vary. See clinical results.

Dr Lee speaks with Rosie whose UC had become moderate to severe. They discuss the
importance of doctor-patient communication to find the right treatment.

Watch a video with Dr.Lee and UC Patient

Dr Wolf speaks with a long-time UC patient, Tim. Together they discuss his diagnosis
and treatment journey, as well as the challenges that Tim has faced.

Watch a video with Dr. Wolf and UC Patient

Understand the Unmet Need in Treating Moderate-to-Severe UC

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